15 Industries Using Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

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5 min readNov 17, 2022

The increasing application of AR and VR in various industries is increasing the demand for novel AR/VR technologies and solutions. Developers and companies from a variety of industries use echo3D to easily build their 3D/AR/VR app backend and manage & deliver 3D content to devices everywhere for a variety of use cases including healthcare, education, e-commerce, training, navigation. , and gaming.

Developers use AR technology to create “try before you buy” experiences. Big companies like Amazon, Gucci, ASOS and Sephora have already made AR apps available to customers. Another prime example is furniture and appliance retailer IKEA, which allows consumers to digitally visualize furniture in their home using the IKEA Place app on a mobile device. Apparel retailers such as Uniqlo and American Apparel offer virtual fitting rooms to enhance the shopping experience. The global virtual fitting room market is expected to grow from USD $3.5 billion to $12.97 billion by 2021 to 2028.

Peter Sellis, Snap Inc. ’s product VP, one of their key priorities is to innovate virtual try-ons with their lenses. Snap Inc. In a survey by the technology, 56% of consumers who used deep learning development companies in Texas while shopping stated that they were encouraged to make a purchase. Furthermore, a survey by IDC found that the third most common use case for AR in enterprises is product demonstration to drive sales processes.

Gaming & Social

Developers use AR and VR to create world-class experiences. Records show that 2.8 million units of standalone VR gaming headsets were shipped worldwide in 2019. Moreover, 37% of surveyed global game developers indicate that VR headsets will contribute to the significant growth of the gaming industry. Virtual worlds like Decentraland and Meta’s Horizon are already generating massive user attention.

In the AR space, Pokemon Go is a prime example, with 147 million monthly active users as of May 2018. The game allows users to interact with digital monsters in the real world. Another example is the social media mobile app Snapchat (with 360M monthly active users as of January 2020), which allows users to overlay 3D assets over their face and surrounding environment.

AR is being used for outdoor and indoor navigation purposes. With more bandwidth and readily available WiFi and Bluetooth connections, AR navigation has never been more convenient. An example of this use case is Google Maps’ AR navigation, which allows the user to see pathfinding indicators in the real world while walking around town. Apple’s ARKit 5 includes a number of AR navigation improvements that give users better talking gestures, expanded support for location anchors, and more.

Developers create utility tools for education, military use, labor, factories, etc. that enable users to learn, train, collaborate, or perform tasks. Cloud Migration Service Provider Companies in Texas For example, the United States Army spent US $479 million on AR headsets used for military training. The Synthetic Training Environment (STE) used by the US Army allows soldiers to immerse themselves in AR and VR powered by Microsoft HoloLens 2 and prepare for a variety of scenarios ( source ).

Realizing the opportunities in AR adoption, many AR-focused companies and startups are focusing on integrating enterprise-level AR training solutions in the industrial space. Learn more about how AR is changing manufacturing and how companies are using VR for industrial training here.

health care

Developers have created utility tools to help physicians and caregivers achieve better procedure outcomes and improve patient well-being. An example is SentiaR, a company that is developing AR tools to guide surgeons during invasive procedures. Another example is AccuVein Inc., a US-based medical imaging solutions provider that helps doctors locate veins in patients using AR technology. Our own Alon Grinshpoon, CEO of echo3D, contributed to research on AR and its use in medical procedures such as vascular interventions before founding the company. Cross Platformapplication development companies in Virginia Healthcare is considered a leading vertical of AR and VR, with the technology revolutionizing patient diagnosis and treatment, surgeon training, operating room simulations, chronic pain management and more.

Work productivity

AR and VR are making our workplaces smarter, more productive and safer. AR/VR use cases include increasing worker productivity, improving collaboration, and increasing workplace safety. According to a survey published by IDC in 2022, employee training was the most common use case for AR by enterprises (50%), followed by internal collaboration tools for interactive video conferencing (48%). Improved real-time collaboration (41%) also ranked first for businesses from AR/VR, followed by increased worker efficiency (38%), then improved design and manufacturing processes (33%) and finally improved knowledge transfer between experts and novice workers. (29%). Spatial is a tool that leverages AR to enable people to work together virtually and seamlessly. Put on a set of AR goggles to see your virtual workspace. In the VR space, Meta announced Infinite Office, a virtual reality office space that brings your work to VR. A real-life Logitech keyboard can also be seen in VR.


AR/VR offer immersive experiences, as sports channels can use 3D graphics to overlay replays and live gameplay. Several sports channels, including ESPN and Fox Sports, machine learning development companies in Virginia are already experimenting with this technology and incorporating AR as part of their broadcast and play-by-play analysis to highlight information about the game in real time. In addition to an enhanced home experience, AR will be used for in-stadium experience, building team spirit, marketing and on-field rulings. Recently, the Carolina Panthers demonstrated the possibilities of AR for live sports.


Traveling is all about exploring new places, seeing the sights and appreciating what the destination has to offer. AR/VR can enhance or replace these experiences in various ways. For example, MARS Storytelling brings historical sites and visitor centers to life with personalized AR experiences, making a visit more engaging. Berlin-based Zaubar launches AR-powered city tours to immerse you in 3D learning experiences about the city’s past and present. Android application development companies in Spokane Asbury Park in New Jersey also offers its own unique and free-of-charge AR tour that recreates key historical landmarks in AR on the Asbury Park Boardwalk ( source ). In addition, Disney Cruise Line is expected to debut their new interactive experience, Disney Uncharted Adventure, aboard its new cruise ship Disney Wish.

The VR tourism scene is also rapidly evolving. Already, the Oculus Quest 2 is making big waves as an advanced, effective and multi-use VR headset for traveling the world. The Oculus Store currently offers more than 80 travel-related experiences. For example, by downloading the National Geographic VR app, users can kayak in Antarctica or walk through the Inca temples of Machu Picchu, creating a cinematic experience that immerses all the senses.

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