App Strategy Before Developing And Launching Your Mobile Applications

prashanthi vadla
4 min readNov 18, 2022


So you’ve decided to step into the realm of the world of mobile applications…

Somewhere in your heart you are absolutely brilliant with your app idea and have enough motivation and enthusiasm to stand out in the app market. Without stealing or demotivating you, we want to shout: don’t be overly ambitious, don’t be overly enthusiastic, don’t be overexcited, plan everything like a man. Do you know why we said this? Google’s Play Store has about 1 million applications and Apple’s App Store has over 1 million apps. Do you think everyone succeeded? Are you using them all? Can you find their name in the popular apps list? Are all apps the same? The answer is a simple no.

The reason is that…

Competing and standing out in the app market requires a solidly planned app strategy. The simple idea of ​​an app doesn’t work. App development takes less than 5 weeks and costs approximately 500–15000 USD. However, Mobile apps development company in texas making an app successful can take almost a year or more than including alpha-beta testing, and marketing may or may not cost thousands of dollars (or it may cost less).

1. Purpose of the app

Why do I need to build an app? Do I need an app to earn money through AdSense or related advertising channels? Do you want to sell things through your app? Or your app is a utility app that people can use to solve life’s problems, but you want to get paid for this app? Do you want to increase your productivity, manage employees, report, communicate in groups or switch tasks without hassle? Or an enterprise app? To make it easier to use, we have exposed the types of apps available in the App Market. Know the types of apps and find out the exact purpose you’re building them for: 4 + 1 Proven App Marketing Methods (Paid:Free) Conclusion: Here are the types of apps people might be looking for.

Ad Network (AdSense) App

ecommerce app

paid app

In-app purchases/premium apps

enterprise app

2. Scope of the app according to the function of the app

Once you’ve found the exact purpose of your app, artificial intelligence applications in Virginia don’t be afraid to ask yourself, “Does the app have good scope?” Trends are often different. Now it’s important to think about the app’s scope and long-term goals. The current app has some features that may not be fully used in less than a year. Likewise, there are newer technologies that are often found, and apps built using the same technologies may outperform yours and make your app or app features obsolete. Ask yourself, “Will your app be able to serve you longer, or will it soon become outdated or obsolete?” We’ve provided complete details to help you understand what kinds of apps people use most, what kinds of apps people reject even after downloading them, and where people are finding them most. PDF: Mobile App Marketing Insights

3. Platform (iOS, Android, Windows, etc.)

Having an idea for an app but not knowing which platform is right for it in the first place is like feeling motivated and confident to find tuna in the desert. It’s wise to do some research on the type of app you want to build and which platform is best for it. Why should you worry about which platform to choose? Your app’s platform is directly related to the audience you want to target. Let me explain with a simple example. From the news above, it is estimated that the number of iOS users in the US is surpassing Android. Operator. So, if you want to create an app whose target audience is the US population, you should choose iOS as your initial platform for running your app. On the other hand, if you want to develop an e-commerce app or a clone app for your e-commerce website, you should target all possible platforms to increase sales.

4. Demographics

Developing entertainment apps and targeting people over 55 through marketing channels is like feeding grass to the lions. It’s a bit like giving your health a supplement, and finally finding a river to bathe in in the desert. Mobile application development in Tacoma We hope you got it. Here’s what we’re offering to help you better understand your demographics and the role demographics play in your success. Reach specific demographics of people The above theory can be applied in terms of app marketing. Equally, there are certain web tools that can help you learn about your target audience, and hiring an ASO or app marketer within your means can be another option to understand and reach your potential customers.

5. Security

Collecting data from app users is what makes them believe and trust you. To keep audience data truly confidential, you must first think about protecting customer data. You need to make them trust you and your app. What would you like? How will you protect customer data? If I want to have an mcommerce/shopping app, how do I get payments securely? How can customers safely pay with confidence? Do you hold PCI DSS certification (Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard) or other payment security certifications? And the most important question of all — applications of data science did you think about this before reading here? If not, think about it now. But if you want a pre-built solution, we’re here to help!

6. Scalability

What if, on the day of an exciting sale running on your app, 10,000 people suddenly jumped into your app to browse and buy something cool? Can your app handle a high volume of transactions and visitors? Or will it collapse? And what if your app turns out to be available to millions of users in the near future? Can your app handle 1 million requests and queries? Will the app run at the same speed as the huge database?

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