How to build the first version of your mobile app effectively?

The competition for the attention of mobile users is very tough, as there are more than 2.7 million applications in the Google Play store and 2.2 million in the App Store. But most of us use only 9 apps per day and 30 per month.

That means there are countless applications that no one uses because there is no business need or the product is poor.

That’s one of the problems with easy access technology. We have an oversupply of software, while user attention is limited. Getting your message across usually takes more time than developing the product.

To stand out from the crowd, you need in-depth market research and strong Mobile application development company in texas experience. You need to make sure that your product is well built and fits well with the needs of the market.

How to make a successful application?

Key features of a successful app

A successful app intelligently combines three aspects: the market, the user, and the product itself. All of these factors must work together to provide users with unique value, great ease of use, and good performance. Accessibility is the last but not the least key feature of a successful mobile app.

So what makes an app successful?

We can divide the functions of such an app into two main categories: consumer-centric and business-centric.

Consumer-centric features:

Good design

Well thought out UI and UX

Covers key expectations and needs based on how people use a specific service

Stable and reliable workflow

Provides a sufficient level of data protection.

Provides quick access to service/help desk

Two examples of successful mobile applications

To show what I mean by “successful custom mobile app”, I’ll give you two examples.


Shine is the best app of 2018 on the App Store and is used in 189 countries around the world.

It is your personal self-care friend with whom you can share your thoughts and feelings. artificial intelligence applications in Texas App users can make use of daily motivations, personal growth goals and articles.

The app also offers engaging podcasts. It is beautifully designed and has a great user experience. Shine has built-in mechanisms that help engage users in achieving daily goals. For example, the app sends you a notification every morning with a meditation podcast relevant to your goal.

1. Identify your audience

The first is the first. You need to know who will be using your app for it to be successful.

It will help you verify the commercial potential of your app idea (market need), as well as examine how to communicate with your target user audience (marketing message) and where to communicate (channels).

How to do it?

Find statistics and information, check trends, ask questions in the forums, take a survey or create an MVP version of your mobile application and collect all user feedback.

Check all available knowledge sources.

You can collect all demographic data, e.g. sex, age, gender, location and collect information about the behaviors and motivations of its users (pains and gains). Then discuss your idea with people you think highly of.

Narrow down your target audience: The larger the group, the greater the benefit of your product, chatbot company in Texas but at the same time the greater the chance that there is something wrong with your app idea. It is easier to direct an innovation towards a niche.

2. Value of the offer

A good idea for an app solves a specific problem recognized by a target group of potential users. Even the simplest form of entertainment like Candy Crush game provides an outlet for stress and relieves boredom from traveling or queuing.

The application must bring an important benefit to the user so that he is motivated enough to download and use it.The unique value may be related to the price of a particular service, the speed of information transfer, the way the application works, or access to functions or services that are not available on another channel.A perfect app intelligently combines consumer needs, business goals and technology solutions.

A good product has to be fun or useful. Redundancy is good by nature. It’s always better if your app solves more than one problem. The most successful do.Some people need comfortable, Iphone application development companies in Virginia beautiful and inspiring accommodation in places around the world, while others want to rent their apartment to foreigners with money to spare.

3. Define your business model

App developers all over the world mostly choose to monetize their apps by using various advertising-based business models. Video ads are one of the most popular sources of income. In-app purchases are also very popular among business owners. But there are many other business models to choose from.

Each mobile app business model has its advantages and disadvantages. To choose the one that fits your needs, it is good to start by analyzing what your competitors are doing. If it worked once, it can work again.

Keep in mind that not all successful mobile apps have to be profitable. There are categories of apps, for example apps for business use, which have different benefits. Sometimes you build an app to save money or streamline a business process, not to generate direct revenue streams.

4. Define the scope of features

You’ve probably spent some time thinking about your app idea. deep learning development companies in Virginia You’ve already visualized all the wonderful things it can do, all the features that could improve its functionality. Social sharing, notifications, payments, integrations — they all seem indispensable.

It may well be the case that they are all useful features, but it may be better if you forget about them for now. Each of them will hinder the development of its main feature. If you focus on the wrong end of the mobile app development process, you will lose time or quality.You might even end up missing the core of the app idea. Think once again about the ultimate reason for your application. Reduce it to a sentence. And then focus on that. The rest will come with time.

A plethora of features might seem like a good idea, but it usually isn’t. It only works for contractors who want to increase the value of their project. What users need is the easiest way to solve their problems.

Once you decide what the main feature of your app is, try to highlight it as clearly as possible. Each additional option, each customization, each integration will make it more difficult for your users to understand the value you bring. This also implies a real cost. Android application development companies in Spokane Developing more complex products is not only more expensive, but you will also have to spend more time and money on customer support in the early stages.

6. Design a simple and intuitive UX/UI

Design is one of the keys to the success of an application.

This is true for both B2C and B2B applications. People want to use mobile apps with a simple yet intuitive user experience and user interface. For example, a simple user interface does not obstruct the data that the user consumes in the application. A snappy user interface adds a good feel when using the app, but remember that an intuitive user interface is crucial for ease of use.

There are many other benefits of a well-designed UX and UI. A well thought out registration process leads to better user acquisition and a higher number of downloads. The same goes for a well-designed onboarding. When it’s simple and understandable, users will stick with your app and likely recommend it to new users.

And if you rely on in-app purchases, make it clear what the user will get when purchasing virtual goods. It will help boost the conversion rate.

7. Select your design and development team

The quality of your product is the result of the skill, Cross platform application development company talent, and hard work of your application development team.

Some projects can be completed by a single app developer, but you can also outsource the work to a development team or hire a full-stack consulting partner who will not only provide you with technical expertise but also support you to succeed in the market.

Make sure that your development partner has a broad spectrum of skills, that they communicate effectively with each other and, above all, that they understand the task you have given them.

8. Make sure your team is on the same page

Creative thinking and efficient project execution are difficult to combine. One should be checked against the other as often as possible.

Your first idea will inevitably come down when you’re faced with technology during a scoping session, and you need to be ready to commit. This is why a clear definition of the core function, the problem solved, and the target user group is so important.

Make sure every member of the custom software development team you’re working with understands the product, how it’s supposed to work, and AR application development companies how it’s supposed to be useful or entertaining to users.

App developers are passionate about the technology they work with and are a great source of ideas when you really involve them in the creative process. They are motivated to find new, creative and efficient ways to apply their tools. You need to engage them in your vision and maximize their knowledge and skills.


Developing a successful application is no longer just an opportunity for a restricted group of expert engineers. In fact, designers, innovative entrepreneurs, and creative marketers are taking over the mobile app and web app market. If you have a great idea, but no software development skills, you can easily find a partner to provide you with a world-class product.

Second, you don’t have to focus on technology when planning your app business. You can find many guides on “how to develop an iOS app”, “what programming language is the future”, “what framework is the ultimate solution”. These are all important questions.

However, they don’t make or break your project and if you don’t have a background in technology, you don’t have to know the answers. These are all issues that can be resolved after a couple of conversations with an experienced project manager or developer.

Third, execution matters. If technology is not your specialty, you should not focus on it, because there are more important things to do. The brightest idea is worth much less than the great execution. You couldn’t describe it better than this. You need a plan, and you need to execute it smoothly.

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